Green nature and infinite opportunities

Paraguay is a country that weaves its nature, its history and development potential. Its potential is a result of its exceptional location, lush nature and its waters, cultures and traditions, dynamism and desire to progress from those who inhabit it. The variety, quality and uniqueness of its attractions make Paraguay a unique destination for tourism and investment.

Paraguay is surrounded by a hydrographic network of the River Plate Basin, the Paraguay River is the principal river of the country and divides Paraguay into two regions: to the East, with hills and mountains, and the greater forests, to the north of this region is the Rio Ápa and to the south-east the Rio Paraná on which are located the Itaipu and Yacyreta hydroelectric dams.

In the other region to the west, it consists of a vast plain known as the Chaco, and bordered on the south by the River Pilcomayo.

Paraguay is located in the heart of South America, is mediterranean and it makes its way out to sea through neighboring countries such as Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil and Chile. Therefore, from its priviledged location, Paraguay has all the features to be the center of development  of the area..