Plaza Center

The Plaza Center form a part a global real estate development project in the new corporate axis of Asunción.

It gives to the urban design, comfort, technology and avant garde offices. The union of these values gives to its users tools the means to make a difference, optimizing time, shorting distances and offering answers to today needs.

New concept
New corporate space

Park Model Buildings

The park model means lots of green space and high respect for the environment, the buildings occupy only approximately 30% of the land. The feeling creates an added value with a visual expansion to the four directions.


We seek to maintain the same tendency of design, reflecting technology and a corporate level, allowing companies to link their image to a building that reflects professionalism and cutting edge services.


Buildings can efficiently distribute free floor space. They are conceived and designed in compliance with standard specifications of multinational corporations and the plants are on average 600m², divided in two sections.

High level of profitability

The buildings have a low maintenance cost and achieve an optimal balance between service and low maintenance and operating costs. The increased value of the area, both land and of the m², provides a good investment over the medium and long term.


They have a system of services common to each plant and another to all users. This is made to further ther optimization of the assembly and maintenance.


They include the latest technological advances that allows for maximum functionality, security and flexibility, as well as, energy saving and extending life of the building.

Added Values

An emphasis on environmental care and respect for "green" is created,the area is also becoming a cultural hub, from the pairing with the Museo del Barro and other municipal projects.