Asunción Business Center

The new corporate axis of Asunción

The concept is born from the tendency of companies and offices in the last couple years of coming out of the historic center of the city of Asunción and located themselves in residential areas with more comercial growth. These homes do not have the necessary infrastructure for a company or office; therefore, they cannot install in it in a comfortable and efficient manner. Given this development need, Capitalis developed a new concept of space for corporate buildings and offices where these companies can be installed.

This new corporate axis aims to create similar spaces like those in Puerto Madero in Buenos Aires Puerto Madero, Las Condes in Santiago de Chile and Faria Lima in Sao Paulo.

The global project includes buildings in the area to meet an unmet demand for corporate offices surveyed in the market of Asunción.
The new corporate axis Asunción Business Center has turned the area, into the largest increase in rentability of the city of Asunción.

Strategically located at the entrance to the city from the airport, where the Shopping del Sol and the Sheraton Asunción Hotel complement recreation services, food and lodging. Surrounded by a residential area of high socioeconomic status.